Welcome to Canvaschic - luxury holidays in Asia

Canvaschic was founded in 2003 wanted to offer guests a holiday which reflected their personal love of the outdoors, the thrill they feel sleeping under canvas and their sense of adventure. “We felt that an enjoyment of all of these things shouldn’t necessarily mean sacrificing the finer things in life; comfort, style and space.” A traditional camping holiday usually meant either being in a row with hundreds of other campers or really going ‘outback’ with a tiny tent on your back.

Spacious yet intimate and in areas of outstanding natural beauty, Canvaschic tent lodges are the perfect place to lift your spirits and let yourself go…

Majestic yurts, chic campers and fresh air

Although Canvaschic.com is bigger now (and aiming to develop more camps in Asia) our mission is to maintain the special atmosphere that was originally created. This atmosphere was due in equal parts to the incomparable ambiance of the handcrafted yurt, the proximity to stunning natural landscapes and of course the many wonderful guests we welcomed since 2003. We are delighted with our new location and are certain that the sprit of Canvaschic camping will continue to thrive and evolve.

Back to nature

Canvaschic offers you the chance to indulge your spirit of adventure and rediscover the tradition of luxury camping.

Sleeping in tents has long been a favourite way to escape and get back to nature. While it's great to sit out under the stars and wake to the sun filtering through the trees, who wants to pitch a tent or lie on bumpy ground?

Our tents are as big and welcoming as hotel rooms. They stand on raised wooden platforms and are stylishly and individually furnished, allowing you to enjoy the simple pleasures of the outdoors without sacrificing any comforts.

Being in a yurt

The yurt structures are handcrafted from oak and ash wood and covered in creamy natural canvas and furnished with a double or king sized bed, luxurious bed linen, fluffy towels and a seating area which can be converted into two single camp beds for children.

Each tent has its own deck and relaxation area with hammocks giving you the space and privacy rarely found on a traditional camping holiday.

Tented Camps come to Asia

Camping in style is a long-standing tradition, enjoyed for decades for example on the great safari camps in Africa. Whilst working on their idea to offer a chic tented camp, they were stunned to find that this type of accommodation didn’t really exist in Asian at the time. The first site, with only three Yurts, opened in 2003. After featuring in Conde Nast Traveller and the Sunday Times Travel magazine in 2004 the response was enormous from both potential guests and the press. They were spurred on to try and create a new camp so that they could welcome more people.

Tranquil atmosphere

Our focus is on natural luxury. This means all the luxury nature can provide: beauty, fresh air, tranquility, great food, and great company. We aim to offer you all this with minimum impact to the environment. The tents and pathways are lit with solar power where possible, with extra lanterns and candles to add ambience.

Private tent on a desert island in Thailand

If you feel adventurous and when to venture to Southeast Asia, we are also offering some of the most luxurious tent on our tours to Thailand. It will be on a deserted island in Phuket where you can truly get back to nature and sleep under the stars.